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How to Get Through a Major Event

If you are dealing with corporate life, there are always outside influences that can affect the day to day operations. If you are a small company, then anything going on in the personal life of the owner or manager(s) could quickly get around to the employees whether it is rumors floating around, selling of the organization, personal or marital trouble, or even worse. When it comes to dealing with breaking news about a large corporation, the news could be mergers, plant closings, shares of stock being sold at discounted rates, or even other scandals. The fact of the matter is news can always get back to employees quickly, and if you don’t find a way to deal with it then you’ll have trouble.

How to Get Through a Major Event

Don’t Sweep It Under the Rug

Not only would ignoring bad news be unfair to your employees from an ethical obligations point of view, but according to E Releases you need to give them the news as soon as you possibly can so that they don’t make things worse. If you get bad news, then you owe it to your employees and the people around them to deliver the message. They need to be able to make decisions for themselves, for their families, and even for their health. If someone is worried about their own job or benefits, or they don’t know if they should be updating their resume or not, then you absolutely have to address the problem and keep them informed.

Please note that in no way do you have to give them every single last detail. If some of the information is personal or private, then you may want to keep things under wraps. But, if you know that your employees are stressing about big things, then you need to be sure you can actually maintain the calm and keep all of your staff on pace to continue with daily operations.

Keep Communication Constant, Consistent, and Even

One of the worst things that can happen when questionable news or scandals hit is that different people will see and hear different things. This can be the cause of major trouble because rumors can run wild, and if everyone does hear something different or even alleges that they do, then the information being shared around the office can turn into a major distraction and can continue to kill the productivity of the office as well.

One of the best ways to communicate important messages to all of your employees is to simply understand that corporate all hands meeting by BlueJeans will allow many people to tap into the same line regardless of where they physically are located. And, when it comes to sensitive information, you absolutely want to be able to answer all of the questions and give everyone as much information that is equal as possible.

How to Get Through a Major Event

Keep Open Lines of Communication

Regardless of how big or little a scandal or specific news can be, you will absolutely want to work as hard as you can to pass along information to all of your employees. This will not only help to keep people on the same track, but it can actually improve morale and boost confidence to higher levels according to the Denver Business Journal. When you have employees who know things are going wrong, but who also know they will be informed every step of the way, then they might be able to stick together and push to do even better work than before.

Consider an organization that has obvious and swirling questions and you will be able to see in a short period of time how hard it can be to focus on answering phones, responding to emails, and going the extra mile to get everything done to the utmost of specifications. When employees have major questions and doubts and then they aren’t hearing anything on top of that, they could actually think the worst is about to happen. You could also have employees who start to abandon ship and you will then not only be understaffed, but the only employees you have left are ones who couldn’t get jobs elsewhere.

Scandals, bankruptcies, and even major rumors or gossip can rock an organization out of nowhere. The most important thing you can do is to make sure you are going to work with your employees. When it is crisis time then you could be in real trouble as it is. However, if you are going to survive the lowest points of the organization, then you had better figure out a way to get (keep) your employees on your side instead of having them working against you or even quitting on the company and checking out. Continue to communicate with them as much as possible and you should survive the worst of times.