Focus on Divatude: Weekly Check-In

Happy Friday Divas! Welcome to my weekly check-in post where I recap how well (or not so well) I’ve been doing on my short and long-term goals.

I’ve learned that for me, regular accountability is a must and helps to keep me focused and motivated.

Speak It Live It Be It

Focus on Divatude: Driven

What was my driving force this week?  This week I had a feeling of being rejuvenated and revived with my goals. Sometimes making minor changes can make a huge difference in your attitude and motivation. There are times when we need to take an honest evaluation of ourselves and what we’re putting forward. You’re either helping or hindering yourself. The choice to continue down that past is yours to make. Sometimes it’s easier to just let things be as they are, but change does not come from sitting still.

Focus on Divatude: Victory

Did I walk in victory this week? This has been a pretty good week, overall. I can honestly say I stayed positive, for the most part, and encouraged those around me to do the same.

Focus on Divatude: Goals

What specifically did I do that impacted my goals for 2013? What did I do to help someone else? I wrote down my master plan for the different aspects of my life and shared them with my accountability partner. Having someone else that knows what I’m working to accomplish and truly holds me accountable definitely makes a world of difference in keeping me focused and on track. It’s amazing that I can work diligently to help others focus on their goals and be accountable, but am easily side-tracked when it comes to doing the same for myself. An accountability partner is great for taking an honest look at your goals, inspiration, motivation and encouragement to keep pressing forward.

How are you coming along with your 2013 goals? Have you taken an honest assessment as to whether you’re pushing yourself forward or holding yourself back?