Fall in Love With Blogging Again

Fall in Love With Blogging Again

Blogging is something that a lot of internet users have done in the past or currently do as an active hobby. For people who are dedicated and passionate about writing, they’re even able to turn it into a viable business thanks to advertising revenue, sponsorships and also affiliate linking. Some bloggers even turn into YouTube content creators, or they write eBooks that are made popular thanks to their loyal fan base and diverse knowledge about specific subjects.

Fall in Love With Blogging Again

However, only a very small percentage of blogs actually turn into something enjoyable let alone become profitable. Let’s face it, writing on a blog is a little depressing when you only get a couple of views. Perhaps your writing just isn’t very good, maybe you’re trying to attract the wrong audience, or maybe you’re just not promoting it correctly. Whatever the case may be, running a blog that isn’t getting much attention isn’t very fun and there are probably better ways to spend our precious time.

Despite your past experiences and possible dislike towards blogging, it can be a fun activity and getting an audience is actually easier than you might expect. Once you get over the fact that a blog won’t make you much money until you grow an audience, you can start to enjoy blogging for what it is; creative writing. If you’ve had a love-hate relationship with blogging, then perhaps it’s time to rekindle your love for blogging, and that’s what this article hopes to accomplish.

Fall in Love With Blogging Again

Write content you are passionate about

The content on your blog should be something that you personally enjoy and not something that can make money. You can’t write about gaming blogs just because they make money if you don’t actually play video games, and you shouldn’t write about business topics if you don’t own a business or have no actual credentials. For starters, it’s incredibly difficult to create a blog about something you have no knowledge about. You should be spending your time on actually writing content and researching things you enjoy instead of talking about a subject that you aren’t passionate about.

Not only does it make it easier to create content if you’re interested in a subject, it also makes it more fun for you which is what a blog should be about. Don’t get into blogging with a mindset of making money. Start blogging because you want to share your views, opinions and experiences about a topic that you love. It’s also easier to come up with fresh original content if you’re talking about a subject that you personally enjoy.

In short, try to focus on creating a blog that resonates with you. Don’t get into a subject just because it’s profitable or desirable by internet users. Even if you think that your personal hobbies and interests aren’t very interesting, you can create fantastic niche content that will actually be easier to search for, will help you build a community with fans, and you’ll even get paid a considerable amount by advertising companies because you specialise in something niche.

Fall in Love With Blogging Again

Drawing attention to your blog

When it comes to promoting your blog, there are several different methods you can utilize in order to get the most exposure.

First of all, make sure you’re utilising social media. If you don’t have a social media account associated with your blog, then make one now or link it to your personal social media account. Services like Twitter are fantastic for sharing your thoughts, letting people know when you write a new blog post and encouraging interaction between different Twitter users. For instance, if you write a blog that mentions Sony, then you could post a message on Twitter with an @Sony mention to grab their attention. You can also use various hashtags to describe your content. For example, if you wrote a review about an upcoming movie, then you can use relevant hashtags to increase user interaction and get your messages noticed.

Secondly, consider speaking to a professional company such as Digitalico to optimize your website for search engines. Blogs are very different when it comes to search engine optimization because your content is always changing and Google has a hard time keeping up with all of your posts and content. The idea is to make it easy for Google to track what subjects you’re actually writing about. This makes it important to base your blog around a central theme instead of trying to tackle far too many subjects.

For example, if you like to write about food, then you can have review sections for different cooking products, you can do restaurant reviews and also write your own recipes. Since they’re all related to food, it makes sense and it has a natural flow. However, if you suddenly write about how to start a restaurant or how to make a website, then you’re going to break that flow and give Google a hard time trying to categorise your blog.

Fall in Love With Blogging Again

Be yourself

It was mentioned before that it’s a good idea to write about a topic you specialize in. However, it’s even more important to impart your own personality into your writing. For instance, if you have a perky personality and love to make jokes or puns, then add that personality into your writing. Don’t make your words contradict your actual feelings and find ways to add yourself into your writing. Many readers don’t just come for the content on your website—they also come for your personality.

It’s also much easier to write when you can focus on your own thoughts instead of trying to sound professional or use words that aren’t normally in your vocabulary. Don’t try to sound like someone you aren’t and don’t try to use words you aren’t comfortable with. Readability is incredibly important unless you are writing technical blogs with a lot of jargon and statistics. Write your blog like you would speak, impart your personality, and make readers fall in love with not just your content, but also your personality.

Even if you feel like you don’t have a fun personality or that you’re very interesting, you’d be surprised at how many people will read your blog because they enjoy both your style of writing and your content—it’s all about confidence.

Fall in Love With Blogging Again

Interacting with readers

Don’t forget to read the comment sections of your blog and don’t forget to check your social media feeds. One of the best ways to grow a blog and have fun is to connect with other bloggers and your readers, and the only way to do this is to show that you actually care about what they think by responding to their messages, taking their requests on board and understanding their criticism of your writing.

Don’t get offended because someone doesn’t like your content. Don’t start arguments with people and don’t call others out because you don’t like something they said. If there are malicious comments that are clearly trying to put you down, you can simply remove them or respond in a calm manner and ask them to stop. However, if it’s valid criticism, then you should always consider it and respond in a polite manner.

Once you manage to make a couple of friends, you might even be lucky enough to catch the attention of the media or a larger blogger. In these cases, you might get a big break if you offer your services to another blog that’s related to yours. This is usually called guest blogging and it’s a great way to extend your network of acquaintances in the industry.