Experiences Everyone College Girl Should Have

Experiences Every College Girl Should Have

Experiences Everyone College Girl Should Have

You’ve no doubt heard it being said before; your college years are the best years of your life. It is something your mom has no doubt tried to drill into you. And she’s right, you know. College is like nothing else you will have ever done, and like nothing else, you will do again. It is that place that shapes your future, yes, but it also a place that shapes you.

It helps you expand as a person, to evolve, to become more self-loving, self-assured and empowered. That’s why you need to make the very most out of this time, and the reason why we have come up with a list of things every college girl should try before she graduates. Trust us, in ten years time, you’ll look back and wish you’d been more confident. Trust. Us. On. That.

Leave Home

You don’t have to move far away. It could just be an hour or so, but by leaving home and spreading your wings, oh man, you’ll learn so much about yourself, and about life. It is such a great way to gain that extra breathing space, that next step in independence, and a whole bunch of new and exciting experiences. What’s more, you’ll appreciate your parents so much more.

Dorm Living

Everyone should get the experience of living in a dorm at some point in their life. With a stranger. With a friend. It is up to you. There is just so much excitement with living in a dorm. Yeah, stupid mistakes will be made and should be made, like trying to check back into your room with a friend at 3 am or having the fire alarm go off while you’re all soaped up in the shower. These are all experiences. These are the things that will empower you because you will get to know who you are.

Experiences Everyone College Girl Should Have

Join A Club

The greatest thing about college is the friends you make, and the stories you will make together. These are the people that you still laugh with 30 years from now. So you have got to get out there and make those friends, and a great way to do this is to join a club, one that you have always have a desire to join. It could be you see some cheerleading info that grabs your attention, or a cultural club, a debating team or you fancy becoming part of the college newspaper. Whatever it is, step out from your comfort zone and never look back.

Do A Double

The great thing about doing a double major is that it gives you options and, as anyone successful in life will tell you, options are the key. It’s just good to have a fallback plan should anything happen, such as your degree in anthropology being totally worthless on the job market. You may have an interest in it, and that will go a long, way, but double-up with a subject that could give you fantastic salary propositions and you’ll have a choice later in life. We know a salary isn’t everything and that money can’t buy happiness, but neither can poverty, so why not have the choice.