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Divatude Challenge Mini Journal

The Divatude Challenge is an annual focus on SMART Goals. It began as a challenge here on the website and has grown to include face-to-face meet-ups and virtual sessions.
The Mini Journal is now available and a great resource to keep with you to help keep you accountable and focused on your specific goals. There’s space to write out your annual goals and break them down into smaller, measurable action steps on a monthly basis. 
You can order the Mini Journal and receive 90 days of email support with formulating your SMART goals and being held accountable with your action items for only $90! You will, also, receive a 30 minute one-on-one call to review and discuss your SMART Goals.

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The Mini Journal is, also, available for ordering as a stand-alone project. There are clear guidelines that will assist you with working through it  yourself, if you prefer.

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10 ways to show gratitude

Being thankful for life’s little blessings helped me get through the big storms. My daily gratitude journal was my way of reflecting and realizing just how much I had when I thought I had little or nothing. There were days when it was really difficult to list just one thing I was thankful for, but over time it got easier because my attitude and way of thinking began to shift. I was beginning to live and think with an attitude of gratitude and saw the positive, the blessings of life in the smallest of actions.

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From Blank Space to Blogging Brilliance Ebook

Available for $9.99 – Includes access to great bonus material and an electronic version of our ebook, Maximize Your Productivity.

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A Step by Step Guide to Start & Grow A Successful Blog

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to find your voice and develop content readers will love
  • Grow an online presence, nurture your community, and find your tribe
  • Build confidence, maintain the right mindset, and reach your blog goals
  • Monetize your blog through sponsorships, products and more

My section, Productivity and Time Management, provides information and action items to take to effectively balance your blog life with others areas of your life.

Whether you’re a beginning or experienced blogger, this book will help you to quickly establish and grow your blog like a content and online marketing pro.

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Be Smart With Your Goals

The Divatude Challenge is an annual focus on SMART Goals. It can begun at anytime you are ready to make specific, focused changes within your personal and professional life. This FREE printable is a great way to help you begin shaping and aligning your goals.

FREE: Download a PDF version of our S.M.A.R.T. Goals worksheet

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Form Your Plan of Action

Simple Tips For Succeeding At The 52 Week Money Challenge

80+ simple ways to save money and help shape your personal finance outlook

Whether you’re participating in an annual savings challenge or not, the action items and ideas in this ebook will help you make significant changes within your budget.

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Maximize Your Productivity: How To Work More Effectively and Efficiently

One of the biggest daily challenges we face daily is how to manage our “to-do’s” and “must-do’s” and “should do’s”.

“If I could just be more efficient,” you might say, “I could get so much more done in less time!”

And, of course, with the time you save, you could pursue other things you want to do, or simply have more time to relax and enjoy life.

Maximize Your Productivity walks you through a variety of best practices, tips and tactics that will dramatically increase your productivity. Just take a look at the list of chapters below to see the main topics:

  • Improving Your Focus
  • Discovering Your Rhythms
  • Managing Time Drains
  • Getting Organized
  • Being Selective
  • Mind Your Health
  • Productivity Tools

And, each chapter includes worksheets for completing the learning activities and to assist you with maximizing your productivity!

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