DWP Bloggers Connect

The Divas With A Purpose (DWP) Blogging Circle is a group of bloggers that are committing to supporting and motivating one another. The concept for the Diva Blogging Circle is very simple – if you’d like to have your blog listed you must agree to support the other ladies in the circle.

I began Divas With A Purpose with the sole intention of connecting women so that we could uplift and build one another up – the DWP Blogging Circle is one of my ways of doing so with fellow bloggers.

Embrace the Divatude

Each Saturday I will be spotlighting different members of the Blogging Circle to share some of the great things these blogging divas are up to. If you’re a blogger, we’d love to have you as part of the group. No huge requirements – just support and encouragement to others. Isn’t that what a blogging community should be? If you agree, head over there and link up.

Kingdom 1st Mom is fairly new to the Blogging Circle so we’d like to give her an official welcome! This week she touched on something that I, admittedly, let slack off from time-to-time – fashion for busy moms! Head over there to chime in with your favorite stylish, yet comfy, styles!

Happy (belated) Birthday to Diva Whitney over at Cafe Mocha Reflections!!! This diva is such an inspiration and motivation to me! Wishing her another year of embracing the divatude and showing us younger divas a thing or two 🙂

calm healthy sexy
 Gaye over at Calm Healthy Sexy shares a healthy (and super yummy looking) recipe that can be used for 2 different healthy meals for our families this summer. This is definitely something my family will be taste-testing soon!

Below you will find a listing of all members in the DWP Circle and can link up with us.  The Bloggers Connect page, also, has this listing. There you will, also find link-ups and ways to connect with and support fellow bloggers.