Date night with the hubby and supporting a fellow diva

Last weekend my husband and I had one of our first date nights in years (yes, years). Honestly, I believe the last one may have been when I was pregnant with Miss V so almost 2 years ago. Yes, it was very much overdue.

As an added plus, we were able to support a participant of The Divatude Challenge – E’Toshia!!!

Mr & Mrs Gee Night Out

I’m typically a stay-at-home with a good bottle(s) of wine and Law & Order marathon type of girl, but I must say it was fun to get all dolled up for a night out without the kiddos! Events by ETOSH presented Bowties and Heels: A Cocktail Affair so, of course I had to get dolled up, right? I even put on eye make-up – that’s a huge deal for this diva who usually keeps the make-up to the bare (and I mean bare!) minimum. The shoes were courtesy of my BFF because anything over 2 inches – and that’s pushing it! – is nowhere near my closet!

Bowties & Heels Event

I came across an article in Woman’s Day that made me say “ah-ha!” – often married couples are given the advice to keep date nights going on but it’s, also, key to keep those date nights interesting, new and exciting. Going to the same restaurant every other weekend will get just as old as staying in after a while. Planning new and out-of-the-box outings can help with communication and spontaneity.

Date Night with Your Spouse

Many thanks to E’Toshia and the Events by ETOSH team for putting on a fantastic event!

What are your favorite date night excursions?

  • Hey Michelle! Looks like you had fun!! Hey, you’re in my neck of the woods lady…how cool is that!!! You look beautiful btw! Thanks for stopping by and linking up…have a wonderful weekend my friend! 😉

    • Michelle

      We sure are!!! Thanks and you have a great weekend, too!!!

  • Ahhh! Reminiscing about our last date night. It is way overdue. You look great! it’s nice to get all dolled up and enjoy an evening without the babies. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following…

  • Since my youngest son is now 18 we seem to have most weekend evenings to ourselves now. It is special when he comes along now. I am visiting DYWW blog hop. You look gorgeous and I am so happy that you had a good time.

  • Hi visiting from the doing well link up…that is good that you got out for a date. We all need that from time to time. When me and my husband go out which we rarely do, I really enjoy it. But it usually is the same thing, eating. But it gets me out and allows me to get dress and do my hair. Great share!

  • Yes I so agree it is important to do new and different things. Love those shoes too! Glad you enjoyed your evening!

  • You look beautiful and sounds like a date night was well deserved. I bet it was so fabulous your hubby will find excuses to take you out more often 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog today, gonna look around.

    • Michelle

      Hi Tanya!Thanks for stopping through 🙂 We’ve definitely committed to making a date night happen at least once every other month – it’s so easy to get caught up with our daily lives, work, children, etc.

  • Michelle

    Thanks ladies!

  • Sounds like you all had a fabulous night!!!

  • I haven’t been on a date since my birthday last July. We have been so involved, it’s time..seriously. We just talked about this yesterday, hopefully I’ll blog about it soon. You looked marvelous!

  • I am happy you had a chance to get all dolled up and spend an evening out with your husband. I hope you two are able to do that more often and on a regular basis.

  • Say Something Kita (@Kreative10)

    Alright now do it. I had a date day last year March but have not had a night on the town in almost 5 years. I said I was gonna do better this year but babysitting is hard to find. You look lovely make sure you do it about 5 more times before the year ends.