Creating Healthier Habits

Creating Healthier Habits

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

Creating healthier habits is a big focus of mine this year. Last year, I had some health issues that really gave me a scare and was an eye-opener that I need to be more attentive to my health and wellness needs.

Recently on our Facebook page, I outlined the key areas I was focusing on for my health and wellness: (1) more fruits and vegetables; (2) increasing water intake; (3) get moving; (4) monitoring my blood pressure; and, (5) taking my recommended vitamins and supplements.


Creating Healthier Habits #NatureMade #IC #ad

As an adoptee, I do not have access to my medical history which means I have no idea what types of preexisting conditions I may have. Also, as a full-time divapreneur, if I’m unable to work due to health reasons it has a big impact on my business and income flow. Finally, I want to make healthier choices so I can enjoy a full and whole life with my family. I realize my children are watching and it is important that we are creating healthier habits for us all.

My daughter, the youngest of our crew, has her vitamin routine down. Once I explained that the vitamins helped to keep her healthy, she was sold. She makes sure (to the point of almost harassment if we move too slow) that she gets her morning vitamins each day. One morning she asked when I took mine and I had no answer, because I wasn’t taking any – even though, I really needed to be.

We recently used a trip to our local Wal-Mart to purchase my Nature Made® vitamins, which have always been my go-to brand. Knowing that they are the nation’s #1 best-selling brand for quality vitamins, minerals and supplements* to help support nutritional gaps is a plus in my book. (Based in part on data reported by Nielsen through its Scantrack Service for the Vitamins Category for 52-week period ending 1/02/2016, for the xAOC Market. Copyright © 2016 Nielsen) I, also, signed up for Nature Made® Daily Boost program for inspiration and information to further my health goals and to get inspiration others that are a part of the Nature Made family are doing to stay healthy.

Our Wal-Mart made shopping very easy and affordable! This handy display was close to the entrance and the labels helped to identify vitamins and supplements based on your focus areas and they were all only $4.44 each! (price may vary based on location)

Nature Made display at WalMart

I love this quote from their website and it completely aligns with my focus on S.M.A.R.T. goals and action items in my personal and professional life:

“Every day is a new opportunity to do right by your body.

Taking vitamins and supplements is one way. Taking action is another.
Something small that makes a big difference — we call it a Daily Boost.

Or, if you prefer, a dose of Vitamin Do. “

Creating Healthier Habits #NatureMade #IC #ad

To assist with creating healthier habits, I have, also, signed up for the Nature Made® 30-Day Healthy Habit Builder. How does it work? You pick 4 habits you want to focus on for the next 30 days and then complete weekly challenges to help you establish a routine and begin your journey to a healthier you! You, also, can get rewarded as you progress with prizes, coupons, and more. Upon signing up you’ll be automatically entered to win a grand prize of $5,000.

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How I Am Creating Healthier Habits

Set my goal and remember my why. Goal-setting is a big part of my life – personally and professionally. Setting specific goals and remembering why I want need to be healthier, is my first step to creating healthier habits in my life.

Schedule activities. I have a timer that goes off once an hour during the day as a reminder to get up and moving for at least 3 minutes. I run / jog in place or walk briskly around my home office. I, also, have 30 minutes scheduled for walking three times a week.

Share what you’re doing with those who will encourage and motivate you. By having an accountability partner or group, I know that I will have loved ones checking in on my progress because they genuinely want to see me succeed. I have a friend I can count on to give me some serious “tough love” when I feel like being in laze mode.

Friendly competition motivates you. At the beginning of the year, a few friends started a water challenge to ensure we’re all drinking our recommended amounts each day. The same can be done with your other health and wellness goals. Find others who are on the same journey and create a friendly competition to make it fun and interesting.

I’d love to hear how you are creating healthier habits this year! Is taking vitamins and supplements on a regular basis something that you are including in your health and wellness regimen?

I’m excited to partner with Nature Made®  on this Influencer Activation for Influence Central to share how and why I am adding vitamins and supplements to my daily routine and share this great giveaway for one of 20 $50 WalMart gift cards. The contest closes on March 19, 2016.

I-C will randomly select 20 winners from all program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes. Good luck and here’s to creating healthier habits!


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