Adding A Little Country Flavor In Your Home

Get Rustic: Adding A Little Country Flavor In Your Home

Adding A Little Country Flavor In Your Home

Is there really anything better than older, more traditional styles? Not only are they timeless, but they also add an aura of general comfort to your home, creating a space that you aren’t afraid to relax in. What could you want more than a couch that you aren’t afraid to kick off your shoes and curl up on, or a floor that won’t show the scuffed footprints of rampaging kids and pets? Here are some tips on how to add a little country look to your home…

Think Practicality

First and foremost, the most important thing about the country look is that everything must serve a purpose and be useful and practical. You might want to get wooden floors but what’s the point if they get scratched easily and have to be replaced? Make sure that you don’t have to worry about any of your items getting dented or worn in and go for fabrics like leather, thick cotton, canvas and wood rather than more delicate silks and plastic. Make sure that your surfaces aren’t cluttered and that everything that’s out is either decorative or serves some sort of purpose – even better if both of those boxes can be ticked for the same item!

Replace Your Doors And Windows

Adding A Little Country Flavor In Your Home

If you want your home to look traditional and beautiful then there’s no point in having fixtures like windows and doors that are all white plastic and gleaming glass. Double glazing is essential in every home to lower your energy bills and to keep the heat in through the winter, but you could go for black or brown frames instead of the traditional bright white that seems to be popular with a lot of people, before going for drapes in pretty fabrics in earthy colors like mustard yellow and terracotta, or maybe blinds made from plain wood. Strip down wooden doors to make them more plain and show off the quality wood grain, or get barn doors installed for a really authentic look.

Go For Vintage Pieces

If you want your home to look traditional and warm, you don’t want to go for items that are too new looking, with sharp edges that don’t feel particularly hospitable. Instead, frequent your local thrift stores and antiques dealers for items that look as though they have a little history behind them and have been loved by other families before yours.

Be Inspired By Nature

Finally, take nature as your inspiration. Choose hues that remind you of the great outdoors, whether that’s silk pillows on your couch that are the same color as the grass outside, jewel tones that remind you of flowers, or more earthy colors. Floral fabrics would look amazing used for bed covers, couch covers or drapes at the windows, and any designs based on animals like dog or cat prints are also absolutely perfect. Remember that what you really want is the comfort found in nature – you want your home to be a relaxing place where you can really be yourself without worrying about mess or dirt.