The Divatude Experience Speakers

Countdown To The Divatude Experience

Hard to believe that The Divatude Experience will officially kick off two weeks from today!

I am so thankful to the women that have committed to sharing their time, talents and knowledge with the Divas With A Purpose community.

The Divatude Experience is a virtual week-long conference that aims to educate, empower and motivate women in their personal and professional lives. Each of our speakers will be providing specific action steps they took to become successful in their specific areas of expertise. You can view the full line-up of our speakers and their topics at on our conference page:

The Divatude Experience Speakers

I am excited to offer this free virtual experience and humbled by all that have registered, supported, shared and offered words of advice and encouragement.

I typically host a local conference in Columbia, South Carolina and this year I wanted to do something different. A few supporters reached out after reading about our local conferences to ask how something similar could be done in their area. That sparked the idea of doing something virtually that all of the Divas in our community could participate in and support from the comfort of their home.

We, also, have a private Facebook group for conference attendees that will be used to discuss the daily topics, connect more with the speakers and support one another with putting the information we learn into action.

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I, also, have to give a special thank you to the sponsors and supporters of The Divatude Experience:

There’s still time to support The Divatude Experience! You can head here for additional details.