Fun and entertaining cleaning activities for you and your kids

Fun and entertaining cleaning activities for you and your kids

It’s summer time which means I am home with my younger two kids and they are constantly looking for ways to be entertained. Of course, with the heat we have here in South Carolina outdoors play is not always feasible during the day so we find indoor activities to keep us occupied, like our Summer Camp at Home Series. With all that indoor play, it is essential for me to include cleaning activities to ensure they are cleaning up after themselves. Thanks to today’s guest post for sharing fun and entertaining cleaning activities for kids and parents. Enjoy!

Most kids don’t like cleaning but if you make the activity fun they may start to enjoy it. There are plenty of ways to motivate your kids do simple but tedious chores. Here you will learn how to make cleaning and household work attractive to your children. With these tried-and-tested methods you can make your kids more responsible and engaged in the domestic work.

Fun and entertaining cleaning activities for you and your kids

First learn which cleaning activities your kids like and if there are such leave them to do them. Explain how to improve their work and they will develop skills which will be very useful. Motivate you kids by praising them and giving them rewards for the well done job. This is a trick which can make any cleaning work pleasant especially if your kids have to do it.

Turn the tidying and cleaning work into a game. Set a timer and let your kids compete who will remove more items from the floor and put them on their places faster. Give each one a bucket to fill with the scattered items on the floor. You can continue the game with putting the things from the bucket to their places. Reward the winner appropriately. This will stimulate your kids finish work faster. You can call the game ‘Beat the Clock’.

Another way to make cleaning fun for your children is playing their favorite music while they do plain cleaning tasks. This will turn cleaning into much more pleasant activity which will be effective as well.

TenancyCleaners Hendon suggests to supply your kids with small-sized fancy cleaning tools with the colors they like. Buy small mop, brush, bucket, furniture duster and other cleaning tools to stimulate your kids use them and help you with the domestic work. Teaching them to take part of the house work will develop useful habits for life.

Use rewards in the form of presents and visiting places they like as an extra stimuli for their work. Make them proud of the work and encourage them for the accomplishments they have made with toys, clothes, shoes, games, etc.

Start ‘Find the Treasure’ game to make your kids tidy and clean their room. Hide coins or present rewards in their room and tell them that they fill find the treasure after completing the cleaning and tidying of their stuff. Hide more coins on different places to inspire your kids clean their whole room by looking for them.

There are many fairy tales which you can use for your kids to play. Buy the necessarily masks and costumes, tools and equipment to make the fairy tale fun and authentic. Feeling like the hero of the fairy tale can make even the most unattractive cleaning activity look attractive. Using hats, suitable clothes and masks you can help your kids develop their artistic qualities.

Fun and entertaining cleaning activities for you and your kids

You can take part in all cleaning activities to supervise your kids, help and encourage them. Designate suitable tasks for each one depending on their age and abilities. Do the harder tasks yourself and explain how each task should be done. Let your kids have fun and enjoy themselves while cleaning, mopping and tidying so that they will want to do the work again. It is necessary to create a nice memory of the work with praises, encouragements and rewards. Also use music and other pleasant stimuli to make your kids feel good while doing some boring activity.

Turning tedious chores into fun and entertaining cleaning activities for you and your kids isn’t difficult if you know what they like. Make sure you provide proper motivators to help your children turn everyday cleaning work into pleasant tasks. They will develop many useful habits which will certainly serve them in the future.