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Baby and Child-Based Small Business Ideas

Although there’s more to women than giving birth and child-rearing, much more in fact, it is still fair to say that many of us absolutely adore children and babies, and if we were able to combine our entrepreneurial spirit with our love of little ones, we would enjoy every single day of work.

If you like the idea of running your own in a baby and child-based business, but you don’t know where to start. Check out these simple ideas for inspiration…

A Baby Care Store

The most obvious avenue to explore is retail. Babies come with a lot of baggage and you could make a lot of money selling some of that stuff, whether it be baby bottles, high chairs or breastfeeding paraphernalia to businesses. Taking the time to source the best products and offer the best advice will make you feel like you’re really making a difference to lots of little ones, and you really will be if you get it right.

A Surrogacy Agency

If you want other couples to be able to experience the joy that you and your spouse felt when you brought your first child into the world, setting up a surrogacy and egg donation agency could be just the business venture you’ve been looking for. If you look at these Conceiveabilities locations, you will see that there is a demand for this kind of service and plenty of room for you to get in on it, but you will need to tread very carefully, ensure that you are following the letter of the law and do lots of checks. It’s not an area of business that is easy to get into, nor one that you should treat lightly, but it can be immensely rewarding.

Producing Your Own Baby Food

There is obviously a big market for baby food, but it’s fair to say that a lot of the foods on the market are not the best. They are filled with lots of sugar and preservatives that aren’t exactly ideal for the average child to be eating. If you think that you could do better, why not set up your own baby food production company, creating healthy organic foods that every parent will be flocking to feed their child? Getting the taste just right, and branding will be your biggest challenges, but it could be a quite lucrative avenue to take if you’re serious about being a successful entrepreneur. Just remember to do the taste test on real babies because their palate is a little different to most adults’.

Rent Baby Stuff

Peer to peer lending is really big right now, and baby stuff is just perfect for renting because many couples will only need the use of a crib or high chair, for example, for a short period of time. By buying the stuff they’ll need and renting it to them for a fair price, you’ll be able to help out many new parents and their babies, while also making a decent living for yourself – what could be better than that?

Children’s Interior Design

If you’re more of a creative type, why not put your skills to use by offering your services as an interior designer for nurseries and children’s rooms. Kids rooms are much more fun to decorate because you can get away with being a bit more outrageous than you can in other rooms, and many parents are just too busy to worry too much about room design themselves. This is one business you can set up on a shoestring working from home, So, if you’re a solopreneuer, it could be a good choice. Obviously, you will need to have a good eye to make it work!

Run a Creche

If you’re serious about being surrounded by kids all day every day, running a creche or nursery, where you will look after children while their parents at work is a very rewarding option. I mean, you get to play with, hold, and coo over kids and babies all day long, and make a living! Sure, you have to change diapers, clean up puke and deal with tantrums too, but on balance, it’s a pretty great business to be in.

Sell Your Crafts

Whether you enjoy knitting booties for babies, creating unique plushies for toddlers or hand-crafting unique nursery ornaments for little ones, if you combine your love of kids with your love of crafting, perhaps by selling your creations on Etsy, you could make a good living truly doing what you love. That’s the dream, right?

Do you run a baby or child-based business? What is it you do?