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On The Go Essentials for Busy Mompreneurs



This week kicks off the start of a new school year for our family and the official end of my “summer schedule”.

This summer I made it a point to slow down and enjoy time with family and friends. While I did not completely step away from my business, I was able to work a very relaxed schedule and give my children my uninterrupted time and attention fulfilling a promise I made when I transitioned to working for myself full-time two years ago.

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Keys To Successful Time Management

Successful time management is a on-going action item that I am working on. I received a beautiful JORD Watch to review and share with my readership. It was very timely (see what I did there!) and fits in with these keys to successful time management that I’m sharing today as part of the Making A Happy Home Series we’re doing for the A-Z Challenge for April 2015.

Properly allocating our time is hardly an easy task.

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Make Money With Facebook Groups by Abbie Unger #Review

Abbie Unger provided me with a free copy of her new e-book Make Money with Facebook Groups in exchange for my honest review. As always, I only share products and information that will benefit my readers – personally and/or professionally.

Recently I have had the opportunity to connect with some pretty awesome divas that are doing great things.  Abbie Unger definitely fits the bill!

Today you get her new book,

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99 Ways to Market Your Online Business for Free

Marketing effectively isn’t all about the size of your budget; it’s about your audience. Even though you may be faced with a shoestring (or even a nonexistent) budget, one thing you do have is time. You most certainly can market your business on a shoestring, as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Below is a list of 100 ways to market your online business for free. Free does not equate to little or no work.

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8 Email Management Tips

Are you facing email overload? Email management is an area that seems to haunt me. I don’t even want to share the number of emails sitting in my multiple inboxes. Recently, I committed to becoming more organized with my emails as my business opportunities grew. Email is a major source of communication for me so missing an important deadline or an order could impact my reputation and my wallet. Definitely a no-no!

Email is a valuable tool that has revolutionized the way that we work.

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Local Marketing 101

Local marketing is important for any small business. Even if your business is mainly web based you may find that local marketing is still beneficial.

One of my goals this year for Divas With A Purpose is to focus more on my local community. I love to travel and have taken my blog and its message on the road to different cities, but this year I am focused more on my own home town.

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4 Ways To Lead By Example

I remember growing up, as the oldest I was constantly admonished to lead by example.  As a parent, I often impart these same words on my children and younger cousins.

Have you ever noticed an individual who just simply commands attention or, better yet, one who can persuade anyone to do what he or she may ask? Some individuals are just born natural leaders while others struggle seriously in this department.  Being someone that can effectively lead by example encompasses many different skills. 

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