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Divatude Challenge: Successes & Struggles

Our next Divatude Challenge participant, E’toshia is, also, a recent graduate! Last check-in, we celebrated with her as she had recently completed a successful event with her event planning business. Her goals for this year included becoming better at managing her time and finances. Let’s see how things have been going for her:

O my, look how time flies! Since my last check in I have received my Associates in Early Care and Education and obtained a job in my field…Yay!

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Divatude Challenge: Finding Balance & Learning to Compromise

It’s hard to believe that we are in the last quarter of 2013!!! I’m excited to share what our participants of The Divatude Challenge 2013 have been up to.

Our first check-in is from our Graduate With A Purpose, Britney.

To recap, Britney graduated in December from the University of South Carolina. She had three main goals for the year focusing on her education, physical health / wellness and finances.

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College Life 101: Leaving the Nest

I love my family. They have the ability to get me to completely change my plans of being lazy and unproductive on my weekends to do “stuff”. Prime example is last weekend when I found myself thrown back into college life – surrounded by freshmen, weepy parents, and multiple trips to pick up forgotten necessities.

Yep, my little cousin was starting college. The college years seem to be ones that can truly make or break you.

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Remembering Why I Do What I Do

Every now and then I have to give myself a reality check. I’ll find myself looking at others and their accomplishments and comparing and contrasting to mine.  Sometimes I get so caught up that I become frustrated with myself because I haven’t done such and such or I haven’t attained xyz – then comes the reality check. I remember why I do what I do.

Planning To Succeed Begins with Succeeding to Plan

I’m a list maker.

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Focus on Divatude: Weekly Check-In

Happy Friday Divas! Welcome to my weekly check-in post where I recap how well (or not so well) I’ve been doing on my short and long-term goals.

I’ve learned that for me, regular accountability is a must and helps to keep me focused and motivated.

Focus on Divatude: Driven

What was my driving force this week?  This week I had a feeling of being rejuvenated and revived with my goals.

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Focus On Divatude: Weekly Check-In

Happy Wednesday Divas! Welcome to my weekly Focus on Divatude recap!

I take this time to focus on my goals – short and long term – and see how my actions over the past week have helped (or hindered) me from reaching them.

I had a powwow earlier this week that reiterated the importance of accountability. I’ve set up some SMART goals for my professional endeavors and have requested that those mentoring and motivating me keep me accountable on a regular basis

Focus on Divatude: Driven

What was my driving force this week?

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Blogathon Recap

This has been a great weekend and I’ve spent some time focusing on my blog and navigating behind the scenes. I participated in the Biannual Blogathon as both a blogger and mini-challenge host. Posting my Blogathon Recap helps me stay accountable and update my to-do list for the remainder of the month.

I didn’t get as much as I wanted checked off my to-do list but I’ve got a great list to focus on for the remainder of this week.

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