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3 Things You Must Do Before Buying Your Next Vehicle

Within the next year, our family will be purchasing a new vehicle. My oldest turned 16 and is preparing to get his license and with the amount of travel I do via car it’s essential that I have something more reliable and with better gas mileage. For some it may seem as though we’re drawing out this process but I want to ensure we are not rushed. Being well-informed will ensure that we do not overpay for a vehicle we are under-satisfied with.

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Improve Your Credit Score In Three Easy Steps

Did you know that your credit rating can have an enormous impact on your life? A bad credit score can result in an inability to borrow money, expensive loans, and difficulties in finding a rental home. It can even stop you from getting a job, as more employers than ever before are starting to run financial checks on potential employees.

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In short,

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Spills, Spills and More Spills..the Holidays are Here!

It’s inevitable in my household. No matter how often I tell my children to keep their food and drinks in the kitchen or to take their shoes off before coming in from the backyard – something gets spilled somewhere on a very regular basis.  My niece and nephew have been spending the week with us and in the last 48 hours alone there have been at least 5 messes involving grape juice, gum, mud pies,