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Why Podcasts Keep Growing

Though they’ve been around for a number of years now, podcasts have surged in popularity in the last couple of years in particular. A good example of this is possibly the most famous podcast to date, Serial which attracted over 75 million downloads since the first series aired back in 2014. It became a cultural phenomenon and was talked about across America and beyond.  

Compared to other media forms, the rise has been relatively slow.

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After Alice: New Form of Malware Attacks ATM’s

In Terminator 2 (released in 1991), a young John Connor uses an Atari Portfolio to hack into and steal cash from an ATM machine. Almost 20 years later, the John Connor ATM hack became a reality as hackers learned how to attach mobile phones to an ATM through a USB port and to send SMS messages to that phone to trick the ATM into dispensing cash.

As if this did not already give banks and ATM owners headaches,

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3 Things You Should Outsource In Your Business

Businesses, no matter what kind of product or service they’re trying to sell, have certain universal essentials that keep everything running smoothly. If you’re like a lot of people with that unique entrepreneurial spark, then you may want to be in control of everything, and be determined to cover all these essentials yourself. While this is understandable, it’s not always the most cost-effective way of doing things! Free up time and capital when you outsource these things:

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Admin and Scheduling

Between all those big,

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CoSchedule for Small Business Owners

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links and I will receive a discount on my current subscription with CoSchedule.

This past year my main focus within my personal and professional life was streamlining processes. I spent time noting where I spent my time and where I would rather spend my time. As someone whose business is very dependent on social media and a social media presence, I realized a large bulk of my time was spent on my computer or staring at my smart phone.

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Progress Keeps Happening: Is Your Business Going To Do The Same?

The thing about progress is that it is always happening. As they say, you can’t stop progress. And we like to think this applies to our businesses. We keep moving forward, looking for ways to improve. We look at how we can overhaul our working practices, make our processes more efficient. We look to source supplies cheaper and faster.

“The internet? Yes, I’m up to date there, I have my own website and everything.

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At What Point is a Hack a Hack?

The laws, rules, and regulations that apply to publicly traded companies in the United States are thematically structured around reporting and disclosure of events that might affect the company’s value and stock price. Public companies are required to file quarterly and annual reports, as well as special reports on extraordinary events and circumstances that shareholders are entitled to know about, including mergers and changes in control. The law specifically requires a publicly traded company to report these extraordinary events within four days of their occurrence.

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Small Ways to Add Some Extra Security to Your Workplace

There are not many things that are more important than the security of your workplace. You should work hard to ensure that you make the place in which you work as safe as it possibly can be. This doesn’t have to mean overhauling things completely or spending vast amounts of money, though. It’s something that you can do in a sustainable and affordable way if you want to. Below, you will find some tips and ideas that can be implemented straight away.

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