Does Your Business Need To Start Pushing Better Content?

Does Your Business Need To Start Pushing Better Content?

Content marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing ecosystem. These days, it’s one of the central ways business attract customers online and get them to buy their products. And over the years, it’s proven to be very effective. The reason for this, many believe, comes down to the fact that it is a form of inbound marketing. Instead of going to your customers and reaching out to them with ads that they may or may not be interested in, inbound marketing gets customers interested in your business first before hitting them with products that they might like.

There’s just one problem: content marketing has proven so effective that now practically every business in the world is trying it out in one form or another. That, of course, means that the internet is getting to be a crowded place and making your content stand out is becoming more difficult.

Does Your Business Need To Start Pushing Better Content?

According to the data, more than 70 percent of businesses are creating more content in 2017 than they did in 2016. They have to produce more every month, just to stay ahead of their competition. Even companies that you’d never expect to be employing content writers are doing so, just to keep up. So what should companies be doing to make their content marketing more compelling and get an edge?

Experiment With Your Writing

It’s often been said that you can’t force good writing. And this is especially true for business owners who have to do a thousand and one other things during the day. The problem with writing is that it is a “whole brain activity.” In other words, you need to be in the right state of mind to produce great material. If you’re stressed out about something, or you’re dealing with emotional issues, this will undoubtedly affect your writing, making it lower quality. The trick here is to try different tactics. If you struggle to write in the morning, switch things up a bit and try writing in the evening. If you don’t like writing in your office, take your laptop to the park.

If you’re really struggling with writing, you can always use freelancers to do it for you – though be warned, you’ll pay a premium.

Talk As If You’re Having A Conversation With A Friend

Another common problem that companies run into is writing in too formal a manner. The writing style is good, it’s just that it’s not conversational and, therefore, not conducive to attracting new business. You see this formal style of writing all the time on company websites, especially those who sell things like software and accountancy services. The reason these companies do this is because they want to appear professional, but by doing this, they fail to genuinely connect with their customers. Speak on the level of an ordinary person and not on the level of a textbook.

Promote Your Content Through A Platform

With the rise of mobile web development, many companies are developing apps to communicate with their customers. The reason for this is that they are able to better curate their content, and provide their clients with updates. Apps also help to foster greater impact and allow you to remove all browser-based obstacles that could get in the way of the conversion.

Blog Consistently

Unfortunately, thanks to the demands of Google and customers, blogging can’t be some sporadic activity for your business. Instead, it has to be something that you do on a daily basis.

According to Hubspot, 82 percent of companies that blogged every day got at least one customer through their blog compared to 57 percent that blogged sporadically. Thus, if you’re not already in the habit of waking up and bashing out fresh material in the morning, you probably should be.

Save Time, Repurpose Content

It’s worth pointing out that you don’t have to consistently produce original material: that’s hard. Most of the time you can rely on repurposing your old content in a way that brings something fresh to your customers. Just make sure that the repurposed content brings something of new and unique value. For instance, if you had a post about the “Trends in the Auto Industry for 2016” at the beginning of last year, you could update this for 2017 and rehash the content in an interesting way.

Always Reference Influencers

The Holy Grail of internet marketing is to get an influencer to promote and share your product. Influencers, for obvious reasons, are far more trusted than companies when promoting a product, and so building links with them is essential. One way you can do this is to mention them in posts and then reach out to them.