Building A Resume

Building A Resume With Flair!

You’re in the market for a job, but you’ve been turned down by the fifth consecutive employer you’ve applied to. Or maybe you just haven’t heard anything at all! We all have skills, and a lot of us have skills that will impress employers the world over, but what if you don’t know where to start with your resume building? Here’s some of the best ideas for you to consider, and change to make sure it applies to all the places you’re looking into.

The Design

This is a great way to add in some creative sparkle to an overused format, and can be immediately eye catching to anyone sorting through a whole pile of resumes and cover letters. You want to stand out with youresume, and you’ve written it to the best of your ability, and the reasons you want the job are to die for! Yet, there’s no guaranteeing you’ve secured yourself a position amongst the entire ocean of applicants you’re swimming against.

You have your basic layout, in which you group together all of the necessary info, and you make all the bullet points count. Make sure each one packs a punch and is relevant to the job you’re applying for. Then put your hobbies on the other side, and make sure they’re also relevant to what you want to do! Everyone likes reading and going out with friends, but why do they matter here?

Make sure it’s easy to read with a good font, and that whoever is going to read it can skim for the most important parts of your skills and talents!

Building A Resume

Keep it Interesting!

If the job searching isn’t going too well, maybe it’s time to look into taking a course or two that can pad it out a little more, and make your skills more relevant to what you want to do. We all could use a little more coaching when it comes to this!

So, if you’re into becoming a security guard, or freelancing as a bouncer, it’s time to look into public safety management and what a degree could do for your career prospects. When you have a certificate and the necessary years training on your side, you’re definitely guaranteed to have something that others don’t! An employer will see this and instantly put you into the considerations pile.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Original

So the usual listing format is something that always works, and feels a lot safer to submit. However, considering we’re in the digital age, it’s OK to switch that up a little! For example, have you ever heard of the infographic resume?

If you’re hoping to work online, this is a good example of your creativity and initiative with just a look! You could also make a video to showcase your social skills and explain everything in person. It can be so much more effective to essentially audition for a job you want.

Build your resume with these tips, and get it proof read!