Real Life Solutions And Simple Fixes
For Seriously Un-Diva-Like (But Common!) Money Problems

Budgeting Divas: A Simple Guide to Saving, Making and Managing Money

“Are your finances a nightmare? It’s time to wake up from that bad dream and create a better reality…”

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Are money worries keeping you up at 3 am?

Does this sound familiar: You work hard, but you never seem to have enough. You can’t get a handle on your expenses. Your credit cards are maxed out all the time.

And now you’re worried. Terrified.

You’re worried that you’ll have to work for the rest of your life… That there’s no cushy retirement waiting for you down the road… That you’ll never be able to live the life you deserve.

You’ve tried living frugally. And it worked for a while. You were able to pay off some debts. Maybe put away a little something in the bank.

But you were utterly miserable. You missed the little treats that make life more fun and enjoyable. And like a spending junkie, you went into a buying binge to dull the pain. All your good intentions went flying out the door, and you never looked back.

You’re running out of control, and you’re scared. Scared for yourself. Scared for your spouse. And especially scared for your kids.

Listen, there’s a way out of this money hell hole.

What you need is a simple plan that will help you achieve big results through small steps.

Read that again:

Achieve Big Results Through Small Steps.

You can’t make big changes all at once. Your mind and heart will eventually reject them and you’ll only feel like a failure.

Instead, take small steps. Easy ones you can barely feel.

But after some time, you look back and realize you’ve made a huge impact in your life.

Here’s Where I Come From…

I have made no secrets about the financial issues I have had in the past – many through my own selfish and uninformed decisions. I had to make a conscious decision to do better, learn more and commit myself to becoming financially literate. Throughout the past three years I have paid down my debts significantly, increased my credit score, implemented savings plans for my family and committed to living a frugal and fulfilling lifestyle.

When the One Thing Growing Is Your Debt… Here’s Help

“Budgeting Divas: A Simple Guide to Saving, Making, And Managing Money” is a comprehensive program that will show you, step by step, how to:

  • Set up a realistic budget that you can live with and stick to
  • Cut your living expenses without living like a monk and without sacrificing the lifestyle you desire (and deserve!)
  • Save money for short term goals like vacations, renovations, and high-tech toys
  • Build wealth for long term goals like your children’s college tuition and your retirement
  • Refinance your mortgage, when it’s the best option for you (and when you absolutely need to avoid it!)
  • Get rid of debt once and for all, so you can start building up your financial assets
  • Improve your credit rating, even if you have debt
  • Protect yourself from identity thieves who can cripple your financial life
  • Make more money, even if you don’t switch jobs or get a raise

“Budgeting Divas” is more than an eBook.

You’ll also get:

  • Complete 80+ Page 16-Module home study course
  • Money and mindset worksheets and companion guides to help you work through the critical areas of the course
  • Budget helpers, worksheets, and trackers to make budgeting FUN again!
  • Money saving checklists and cheat sheets, so you will have the essential lessons at your fingertips
  • My Resource List of Helpful Money Sites, Tools, and Calculators

“Budgeting Divas” includes all the tools you need to absorb and implement money growing ideas!


… paying all your bills on time

… being debt-free, at last!

… watching your savings and investments grow

… having enough money for that grand vacation… or your dream house

… knowing you’ll be comfortable and financially independent when you retire

… it’s all possible, when you take charge of your finances right now.

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