Bloggers That Bloom

Bloggers That Bloom

Blogging is a legitimate income stream for many folks out there at the moment, and it continues to grow as an industry. That means there are more and more people trying their hand at it. But if you fancy giving it a go, remember that there are two big pitfalls that you need to make sure that you avoid too bloom and succeed. Read on to find out what they are and how to deal with them below.

Working from home

One of the main pulls of becoming a blogger is that you can set you own hours and work from home or a location of your choosing. Now digital nomad aside, who often make sure of flexible office spaces, having a dedicated work space in your home can really help you get focused.

Bloggers That Bloom

It might seem like lots of fun to sit on the couch and eat Cheetos while you are bashing out a post or two. But it is very easy for your home life and work life to blur, so you kind of get this malaise where you are never totally off from work.

Instead, create yourself an ‘office.’ Even if it’s just a desk and a chair. Like the ones, you can see on the Crossford Furniture website, in the corner of your lounge or bedroom. Then you know that when you are at your desk, it’s work time, and you can put it out of your mind when you aren’t in that location.

Blog identity

Some of the best and most successful blogs out there have one particular thing in common. That is a cohesive blog identity. Now, this can be created by mixing several factors together.

The first is its visual identity. Having a coherent and professional theme that runs throughout the whole blog can help your readers, first identify the sort of blog that it. As well as how it might relate to them and their lives.

For example, look at the presentation of the old style text blogs, the ones finished with loud patterns and bright colors. Then compare these to the newer style minimal themed blog. The latter looks way more professional and immediately helps you stand out as a brand.

The second aspect relating to blog identity is something that a lot of bloggers get wrong. They spread themselves too thinly. Especially with regards to what they are talking about.

Some bloggers have this catch-all mentality when monetizing their blog. Which means they will write about anything and everything. While this can seem like a good idea, as you are not limiting paid placement or free samples. You need to think about it carefully, as it can become confusing to your reader to have incongruous things, next to one another.

I’m not saying only blog about one thing. But keep your categories limited and allow them to relate to a wider binding theme, such as parenthood, a particular interest, your career or the like.  In that what you blog is kind of like a restaurant that has a smaller menu. You know that whatever they have on that will be great quality and cooked to perfection because they are specialists in that area.