How Can I Make My Blog a Business?

How Can I Make My Blog a Business?

Blogging has changed massively over the last few years. Blogging, for many, is a purpose-filled business, and thanks to brands and companies becoming aware of the influence they can have, some good money can now be made from what you probably started as a hobby. And let’s face it, making money from a hobby is a dream for many- so if you have the opportunity to do so then why not take it!

How Can I Make My Blog a Business?

Think of Ways To Monetize

Blogs can be monetized in a number of ways. First, if you don’t already have AdSense installed on your blog go ahead and do so. It’s completely free to set up, and you get a little bit of money every time someone clicks the Google ads on your blog. Unless you have a particularly large following this probably isn’t going to make you a millionaire, but it’s a little extra income that can gained with no additional effort from you. Secondly, you can make money by offering banner ads to both bloggers and companies. Set up an ‘advertising’ page on your blog discussing your rates (or ask interested parties to contact you) and you could make some extra cash each month selling these. Affiliate advertising is another useful form of blog advertising; this is where you earn a little revenue for every sale or click you get to the advertiser’s company. You could read an article like this for more information. Sponsored and guest posts are another way to earn money from a blog, and this is often blogger’s highest form of income. Once your blog reaches a certain level, companies who are interested will contact you directly. Or you could search blog opportunity websites and scour out jobs this way.

Pay Tax

The process you will go through will depend on the country you live in. But regardless, once you start earning money from blogging you will need to declare this to the relevant tax authorities. It doesn’t matter if you have another job and pay tax on this since you will pay tax on your blog income separately.

Improve Your Domain Authority

To snag the best opportunities and get higher sponsorship rates, your blog needs to have authority. There are lots of different factors which make up your score, so generally improving your blog as much as possible will help to boost this. You’ll need to be putting out high quality and original content regularly. It will help if your posts are properly optimized for keywords etc, an SEO company can help you with this. Domain authority also goes up as a website ages too, so if you have recently bought your domain then over time, it will gradually increase if you do everything correctly.

With the right techniques and a little know-how, something that was once your hobby could become a side income or even your full time job! Do some research, work out ways to improve your blog and explore some different monetizing strategies. Before you know it you’ll be up and running as your own business.