A Bit of Self Love Never Harmed Anyone

A Bit of Self Love Never Harmed Anyone

We all know how to treat ourselves. Whether it’s a splurge in the local mall, a great dinner comprising of everything we love, a pamper session dedicated to making ourselves look good or simply some time out – we know what we love and how to go about doing it.

A Bit of Self Love Never Harmed Anyone

If you’re running out of ideas, however, or want to take a step away from the norm, here are a few tips to get you going.

Be a Tourist

Is there a city nearby that you can escape to for a couple of hours, or any local attractions that you haven’t visited yourself? Try and see the world through the eyes of a tourist visiting. There could be places that you have walked past so many times but never stepped inside, or history that you haven’t learned about which have served as the foundations for the place you call home. It’s not ignorance – it’s just that whatever is around you is the norm and you wouldn’t think twice about taking a step further as you haven’t made the pilgrimage or committed the time to do so. So put some time to one side and make the effort and see what the fuss is all about!

Rerun the Series

Open up Netflix, pick a series to stick with and watch it all the way through. If it’s something as time-consuming as Gilmore Girls, you could be there for months (21 hour-long episodes per series, 7 series plus the four hour-long additions = over 150 hours of viewing time. That’s nearly a week straight of watching). It’ll give you something to look forward to at the end of the day and provide a constant for you to keep up with. You can rerun if you want, as you don’t necessarily have to look for something new; if there is something on there that you know you like and love and makes you feel happy, then go for it.

Change your Bed

If you haven’t changed your mattress in the last eight years or it’s beginning to feel a bit lumpy, consider changing it. You can read mattress reviews here to give you a better idea of what you can get for your budget, but really it’s something that should be saved up and invested in; it is the thing that you will be spending the most time on over the next few coming years.  It will not only aid your posture and circulation, but will definitely give you a better night’s sleep – and what better way to treat yourself?

Change your Sheets

Following on from changing your mattress, give your sheets a wash and tumble-dry to make them soft, or invest in new bed linen altogether. The comfort and softness that a freshly-made and clean bed provides is a treat in itself, and many people look forward to bed sheet change day just for the initial “ahhh” moment when you get under the covers. It’s something so simple yet so rewarding, and you don’t even have to move out of your house to do it.

Give a Text

Go through your contacts and text everybody that you haven’t spoken to in the past couple of months. Just a simple hello and an interest in what they’re doing will suffice – you don’t have to go to town. Wait for the replies to come flooding back. You can spend a whole day catching up with people who would otherwise be slipping further and further away from you. Not only will it make you feel popular when you phone keeps going off, but you could just be making somebody else’s day; a lot of people don’t get massive amounts of communication, especially the older generation. Make the effort and show that you care.

Buy Flowers

Go to the florist or your local flower market and put a bunch together. Don’t worry about it all fitting and looking like it goes together; choose the flowers that make you smile and let the florist take care of the rest. They can make even a bunch of weeds look good. Flowers don’t have to be bought for other people and aren’t confined for special occasions. Making an everyday special occasion for yourself is something that is easy enough to do, we just more likely to put the thought into other people than ourselves. Make the effort for you, and see how good you feel afterwards.

Go Candle Crazy

There’s something almost romantic and comforting about lighting some scented candles, walking out of a room to get something and then walking back into a fuzzy, ambient, warm and lovely-smelling sensation. Candles can do a lot to lift your mood, and they don’t just have to be in a lounge or bedroom – put them around your bath to give yourself another luxury spa-inspired treat.

Invite Friends and Family Round

You don’t have to be completely hedonistic to treat yourself; a lot of love that you want to give to yourself may actually come from those around you. Invite close friends around for a pizza and movie night, or you could do a cocktail evening and make up your own drinks. When we think about treating ourselves we really do think about how we can only indulge in something that we like and enjoy, but gathering together those who have a similar interest is one sure-fire way of ensuring that you don’t feel a bit lost or lonely while doing so. Families will almost always want to come together for a meal to catch up, so you could consider hosting it at your house and going all-out – forget Thanksgiving and Christmas being the only holidays where you put in the effort! You can find yourself laughing until you cry and your belly hurts with family and friends around you pulling out anecdotes and funny stories, and laughter really is the best way to indulge yourself. It’s the one pure symbol that you are having a great time and taking a step away