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Keep the Plates Spinning: Balancing Your Work and Social Life

Owning and running your own business can definitely be a lot of fun. I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with a fellow Divapreneur that owns a local restaurant and had to ask “how do you keep the plates spinning?” Balancing her work and social life while serving scrumptious delicacies and amazing customer service.

Let’s be real, as a restaurant owner you are creating a social hub where people come to have a good time with friends and family. But what about your own social life? Running this kind of business often means working unsociable hours and constantly being rushed off your feet. However, my friend shared it doesn’t have to be so tough.

Here are some tips and advice to help get that vital balance just right. (and these can be applied no matter what business you are in):

Work Efficiently and Streamline Processes

If you want to make your social life as free as it possibly can be, it makes sense to save as much time as you can. This could mean changing how you approach your work. For example, are there areas in which time is being wasted, and you are not working efficiently? You should start to view every wasted minute as a piece of time in which you could be doing other things. Remember, you’re the boss, so there is not going to be someone to motivate you. You will need to motivate yourself and find ways to make yourself efficient and fast at doing your job. Streamline as many of your regular processes as you can.

Get the Right Support

You will also need to get the right support if you are going to have a functioning social life. You will need to know how to let other people do their jobs. So, hire people that you can put your trust in. Some entrepreneurs see this as a big challenge because they think that they’re the only ones who can run the business. But no company is a one-man band. As well as hiring the right people, you will need to find the very best suppliers for the restaurant. Top meat imports, alcohol deals and simple things like tablecloths all have to come from somewhere.

Balancing Your Work and Social Life When You Own a Restaurant

Don’t Let the Social Scene Around You Replace Your Social Life

One of the strange things about running a restaurant is that everyone is around you having a good time. But, at the same time, you are working and doing your job. As the owner of the restaurant, it can be tempting to spend time with the regulars. And before you know it, you will have replaced your real social life with what’s going on around you at work. This is never a particularly healthy situation to be in. It’s much better if you keep the social aspects of your job separate from your own private and social life. That clear line of division can be very important indeed.

Switch Off When Out of Work

If you really want to achieve that clear line of division between your work and social life, you will need to know how to switch off. Yes, running any kind of business is a task that can become all-encompassing. But this is not good for you, and it’s probably not good for the business in the long-term either. It’s much healthier if you can learn how to switch off and get away from work the way an employee would. It can be difficult, but if you trust your team and delegate tasks properly, it should all go according to plan for you.