Tips for Balancing Your Business and Your Babies

Tips for Balancing Your Business and Your Babies

Being a work-at-home-mom (WAHM) can be a wonderful experience. You typically can schedule at least some of your work around your family, you don’t have long drives to and from the office and you usually don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts on child care.

Of course, like many things in life, there is always a flip side — and in the case of most WAHMs, that is trying to juggle the real work and responsibilities that you have every day with the constant needs of your kids, spouse, household, pets and everything else.

It’s enough to make most WAHMs feel like they are one of those circus performers who is trying to keep 20 plates in the air at once. Only you probably feel like you have at least 50.

In order to help balance your work and family lives and maintain your sanity as best as you can, check out the following tips.

Tips for Balancing Your Business and Your Babies

Hire Out What You Can

One thing WAHMs have in common is the knack to get a lot done. As a result, you probably feel like you should continue this Wonder Woman approach to life, even though you are skimping on your sleep, “me time” and taking care of yourself. Go ahead and give yourself permission to hire out whatever jobs you can. This can be a housekeeping service that cleans and shines your toilets once or twice a month, a landscaping crew, a babysitter who can take the kids after school a couple of times a week so you can work more during the day and not at midnight, a meal service a few times a week or whatever else you need.

Get a Great Smartphone

Chances are good you have tried to answer a work email while standing in line at the supermarket, sent an invoice while your kids were on the slide at the park, or tried to snap photos of your products with a less-than-snazzy camera. You and your business deserve a great smartphone that will act as an assistant of sorts. A terrific example is the LG G5 smartphone; the device is the ultimate in smartphones with a large 5.3-inch Quad HD screen, tons of memory and power, a dual 16MP/8MP camera and plenty of other features that will keep you up and running at work, no matter where your “office” happens to be at the moment.

Work Life Balance Tips when Your Work From Home

Manage Your Time

If you feel like you are constantly playing catch up or burning too much of the midnight oil, you might need to brush up a bit on your time-management skills. As American Express notes, take an honest look at the zillions of items on your to do list and see what you can simply eliminate. If the weekly mom’s club coffee group is wearing you down more than lifting you up, graciously bow out or maybe go once a month. Figure out where you can combine activities to multi-task as efficiently as possible and determine when you are at your peak levels of energy and try to schedule work time then.

Prioritize Your Responsibilities

Many WAHMs will write out a daily to do list, only to be astonished and discouraged at how long it is. As Talented Ladies Club notes, prioritize the list, putting the most important work and family related items at the top, and then on a second page, list the things you would like to do but might have to save for another day. Crossing off those high importance items will help remind you how amazing you are and may give you the boost you need to tackle some of the other stuff. Along the way, remind yourself that there are only so many hours a day, and that you are doing a great job at the WAHM life — because you are.