August Social Media Prompts

This article shares 31 August Social Media Prompts to help you show up consistently prepare your social media content calendar for the month.

I have to admit. August is a fun month for content. There are so many awareness and month-long focuses that will align with your social media platforms: Black Business Month; Admit You’re Happy Month; Family Fun Month and Home Business Month are just a few!

Each month I strive to share a social media calendar to get you started with engaging content to connect with your followers and build a community of supporters and customers. Community building has been a game-changer for my business and social media presence. When you are in the process of building your community it is important to post consistently on your social media channels, engage and be your authentic self.

August Social Media Prompts

Below is a graphic you can save to for easy access or you can bookmark this article to refer to each day for your August Social Media Prompts. The great thing about these prompts is that you can use them to post on your social media channels – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Snapchat, the list is endless. You can create images, live-streams and even quick video snippets to answer each prompt and encourage your followers to respond back to you with their answers or ideas.

August 2018 Social Media Content Calendar

August Social Media Calendar

  1. National Girlfriends Day: Share the biz girlfriends who make a difference in your business life. Use the #NationalGirlfriendsDay
  2. #BizGoals: Share your goals and focus for the new month
  3. #FridayIntroductions: (Re)Introduce yourself and your business to your community.
  4. #SaturdayReads: What are you currently reading? Share an image, quote or review of a business-related book that you are reading.
  5. Friendship Day: Share your favorite friendship quote. Use #FriendshipDay
  6. Simplify Your Life Week: Simplify Your Life is the focus for the first full week of August. Share the business tools / resources you use to simplify your biz life.
  7. Professional Speakers Day: Share why love speaking to others and the topics you are passionate about speaking about. Not a public speaker? Share a speaker you’ve heard recently that you admire or said something that stood out to you.
  8. Admit You’re Happy Day: What makes you happy about your business?
  9. Book Lovers Day: Share a book that has made an impact on your business
  10. Home Business Month: Share what makes your home business unique.
  11. Behind the Scenes: Show a glimpse of the person behind the business and how you make it all happen.
  12. #SundayRead: Share a recent article you have written; been featured in; or have learned from.
  13. #OneWord2018:  How are you implementing your #OneWord this month?
  14. Publish Your eBook Month: Do you have an eBook? Share it and why it’s a must read. Have one you’re sitting on? Talk about how this month will be a push to complete. Don’t have one? Share one that you enjoy.
  15. National Failures Day: Share the lesson(s) learned from a business “failure”.
  16. #GoodMorning: Share your morning view and what you’re thankful for this week.
  17. National Nonprofit Day: Shine a light on a nonprofit that you support.
  18. Admit You’re Happy Month: What made you happy this week?
  19. #SelfieSunday: Share a selfie and what you’re looking forward to this week
  20. Black Business Month: Share a black-owned business that you support. Use #BlackBusinessMonth
  21. #TipTuesday: Share a quick video with a tip that will benefit your community
  22. Promote You: Share a product or service that you offer
  23. Home Business Month: What are you thankful for as a result of your business?
  24. #FollowFriday: Shout out community members / fellow business owneres
  25. Speak Kind Words Saturday: Encourage your community to speak kindly to others. Share a kind word / message that has been shared with you.
  26. Family Fun Month: What fun experiences has your business afforded your family?
  27. Just Because Day: What will you do today (or this week) just because …
  28. #BizTip: What’s a valuable business tip you’ve learned this month?
  29. Life of an Entrepreneur: How have you sown into yourself this month? 
  30. Thoughtful Thursday: Share what encourages you within your business
  31. #August2018: Share your favorite moments from this month