April 2013 Recap

This month we had several post dedicated to personal finance in honor of Financial Literacy Month. I hope that the information shared was useful and relevant to each of you in some way!

This month we, also, revamped our Thankful Thursday posts and began a weekly link-up for bloggers to connect and share. This week we’re focused on a week of gratitude. Head over, link-up or just share what you’re thankful for this week.

Keep Calm and Get Your Gratitude On

Starting next week, we’ll be sharing the first set of check-ins from participants in this year’s Divatude Challenge! These divas have made some awesome progress with their 2013 goals and I can’t wait to share their progresses and challenges with you.

Divatude Challenge 2013

Here’s to a fantastic April and looking forward to a great May, too!

What’s your best memory from April?

Below is a recap of the financial literacy topics – feel free to visit any that you may have missed out on:

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