6 Amazing Things You Can Only Find In Cuba

6 Amazing Things You Can Only Find In Cuba

In the far away land of Cuba, life goes by rumba rhythms, cigar smoke from local cafes, and antique American cars, perfectly driving around Havana’s streets. For those who are getting ready to see the island full of revolutionary spirit and good old times, today the Travel Ticker team will recommend a few things you must see and do in this unique Caribbean pearl!

6 Amazing Things You Can Only Find In Cuba

Diving in crystal clear waters

Around the Caribbean, you can always see huge fishing boats swimming around. Nevertheless, Cuban law strictly regulates them, so around the island, you will see only a few of them at the same time. This situation was quickly improved by diving instructors offering to explore the crystal-clear shores. Here you can not only meditate studying the thousands of fish and various marine species but also choose more active entertainment. Coasts are also constantly full of windsurfers and catamarans.

Old Town of Havana: old cars, architectural monuments, and divine food

The Cuban capital of Havana is divided into 15 smaller districts, but everyone should start from the Old Town. Founded in 1529 by the Spanish, this city in the 17th century was the heart of Caribbean shipbuilding, and Old Havana was famous in those old days as well. To this day, you can walk around more than half a century-old American-made cars, you will lose track of time while walking between five centuries old architectural monuments, and finally at locals’ home enjoy chopped steak with tomato sauce, and make it tastier with a cold beer or a glass of hot chocolate.

Amazing Things You Can Only Find In Cuba

Rum which changed history of shipping

Before more than three hundred years ago, European sailors drank millions of gallons of brandy. When in 1655 the British fleet captured Jamaica, this drink was replaced by rum. According to the then prevailing standards, each member of the crew on a daily basis had a portion of this bottle and immediately drank it with pleasure. Never ending fun was the one to blame for a lot of consequences, so Admiral nicknamed Grogan once commanded to dilute rum with hot water. Such drink was called on his behalf, and its popularity quickly surpassed rum’s. Only just fifty years ago, rum drink was removed from the diet of sailors.

Thus, all the legends of the seamen, pirates, and rum are probably real. And if you would love to try that drink, there is no better place than Cuba. Actually, it is pretty hard to get such rum both in Europe and America, so if you visited the island and didn’t taste the rum, you can’t say that you been in Cuba at all.

Cuban cigars and the world’s best tobacco

There is a similar situation with Cuban cigars. Literally, it can be said that this is the country from which the world’s best tobacco is coming out, and people are traveling to the island just to smoke a few of them every year. Although the cigar experts exalt Vuelta Abajo and Vuelta Arriba regions, however, you don’t have to travel there to enjoy it. Capital Havana to this day remains the number one cigar city. Here all the harvest is gathered, which is then precisely twisted and packed into boxes. One of those you will surely be offered while visiting a cigar factory or a cozy inn.

Amazing Things You Can Only Do In Cuba

The rebellious spirit of Ernest Hemingway

One of the most prominent twentieth century’s personalities, Ernest Hemingway was born in America, during the First World War became a volunteer and ended up in Europe, although later lived for a few years in Cuba. Here lived in a little workers village nearby the capital. In early mornings he loved to fish together with locals and at evenings to write. Here his two most famous novels, “The Old Man and the Sea” and “For Whom the Bell Tolls” were born.

Ordinary people loved Ernest Hemingway not only because he was friendly with locals, but also because of his activities. While living in Cuba, the writer financially supported the underground movements, who fought against the regime of a dictator. The house, in which the author lived, today is one of those places where all tourists just have to visit.

Rumba parties

Havana Street, African rhythms, and parties – are another attraction, which is necessary to attend to every tourist. In Cuba where are tons of places like that, but those who are calling to come with vividly colored advertisements are probably more for tourists than locals. It is advisable before traveling to Cuba, to learn a few rumba steps, and upon arrival to the country talk with locals, who can tell you here the best rumba parties are hosted.