4 Tips For Wowing At Your First Trade Show

4 Tips For Wowing At Your First Trade Show

If you’ve decided that this year, you’re going to take your business to the next level, you may have signed up to attend a trade show. This is a big opportunity for your company and one that it’s important you make the most of. It might be nerve-wracking planning for and attending your first show, but you need to forget about your nerves and focus on how to impress. Of course, as well as thinking about that, you also need to consider how you’ll out do your competition. The only downside to trade shows is the fact that you are surrounded by competitors, which means to be a success you need to step up your game. Here are four tips for ensuring that you make the most of your first trade show.

Wowing Your First Trade Show

  1. Get your booth just right

The most important part of the show is your booth, as it represents your company. Just like the location of your office or store is essential, so is the location of your stall. If you want to ensure that your stall gets lots of attention, consider paying extra for a prime location pitch. These spots sell out fast so if you want one, you need to get in early.

Besides the location of your booth, you also need to focus on how it looks. You want to attract buyers to your booth, so it’s a good idea to make it bright and colorful. The more interesting your stall looks, the more people you’ll get stopping. It’s important to use clear signage and have lots of bright lighting on display. It’s also worthwhile investing in some specially design, trade show display pieces. For businesses that do trade shows with businesses that are parts of unions, it is important to research best practices and suggestions. If you opt to get, your pieces done by a company that offers union printing services you can include their logo on your displays. This is important, as often, companies prefer to work with others who are part of the same union as them.

  1. Be approachable

While it’s crucial that your booth has the right look, it’s also important that you look approachable. Painting a smile on your face and dressing in a professional manner helps with this. As does having a bowl of free sweets to give out – everyone loves a free sweet. Often, it’s the little things like that; that draw people to your stall.

How about putting up a screen at the back of your stall, showing your work and the services that you offer? People like to see what the services on offer are, without having to ask. So playing a video that explains what you offer is a great way to encourage people to come up to your booth.

  1. Run contests and promotions

Everyone loves to have the chance to win a prize. To encourage people to come and see what you’ve got to offer, run competitions and promotions. To enter the competition or promotion, make it a requirement that attendees write down their name and contact details. That way, you’re boosting your list of potential clients without having to make a big effort.

Get creative with the promotions that you run and come up with something fun, simple and eye catching. Perhaps each hour you could draw a winner so that throughout the day there are multiple prizes on offer. Make sure that each prize links to your company in some way, to promote what you offer even more.

This is, also, a great way to stay connected and build your email database. Just make sure you have signage letting the attendees know they will be added to you database by submitting their emails.

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  1. Put together information and press packs

Often, when at trade shows, people are in a rush. So instead of making them talk to you about what you offer, put together some press and information packs. Plus, if you’re talking to one person, you can hand out a pack to anyone else who comes along. These packs should include all the most important information about what your company does, as well as the best way to contact you. You could also mention any high profile clients you’ve worked with in the past, to give an idea of your level of experience.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about wowing at your first trade show.