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#Bloggiesta Spring Challenge

This weekend I’m making a commitment to participate in my first weekend blogging party – Bloggiesta, to be specific. The purpose is to dedicate time to planning, editing, developing, reviewing and organizing your blog and connecting with other bloggers who are doing the same.

I’ve been a little lax with many of blog goals this month so a weekend specifically focused on getting the behind the scenes stuff done is just what I need!

For my fellow Bloggiesta participants, welcome to Divas With A Purpose! Feel free to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter, as well.

There’s still time join in if you’d like, so head over here to get the details!

My Bloggiesta Goals

  • Network, my favorite part of the weekend!
  • Participate in at least 2 mini-challenges
  • Work on my blog calendar
  • Finalize a few awesome review posts I can’t wait to share with you all

I will make my updates on this post throughout the weekend so feel free to check back in to help hold me accountable!

Happy Friday!!!

Updates :)

Thanks to The Ramblings of a Book Lover, I’ve updated my blog calendar to include a tab for upcoming reviews. My current system (if you could call it that..LOL) was not working. Many thanks to her for this very detailed tutorial. I tweaked a bit to work for me, but I’ve already updated with most of the upcoming reviews (book and product) that I’m working on.

15 thoughts on “#Bloggiesta Spring Challenge

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  2. Rachel Bradford says:

    Hope you had a good Bloggiesta weekend! One of my goals was to visit all the goals lists and see what other people were going to do with THEIR blogs. As you can see, I’m running behind.

    My Bloggiesta

  3. Tanya @ Mom's Small Victories says:

    Great to meet you through Bloggiesta. The calendar was very helpful, I participated in that mini-challenge as well, now I just have to stay on track and try to get ahead of the game. I always feel like I’m behind but it’s fun to catch up at events like these!

  4. Melissa @ Melissa's Bookshelf says:

    Hope you have had a productive weekend! I always enjoy Bloggiesta but sometimes I do find it overwhelming to try to keep up with it all! Still on my quest to visit every blog that is participating…

    Here is my Bloggiesta To-Do List.

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks Allison!!! I love your mini-challenge and am excited about getting involved! Appreciate you stopping by and leaving the link!

  5. Proverbs 31 Mama says:

    This sounds very productive! Thanks for sharing your goals, they are inspiring!

  6. therelentlessreader says:

    Networking is one of my fave parts of this weekend too. I love the community of bloggers. We’re all pretty awesome ;)

    I hope you have a great and productive weekend!

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks Angelica! Hope you had a fantastic weekend, too! I’ve updated my blog calendar (thanks to one of the mini-challenges!) to streamline my book tours.

    • Michelle says:

      Saturdays are the one morning I can get up and have the house totally to myself for a bit. Complete silence and peace…aahhh!!!

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you!


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