20 Expert Tips to Makeover Your Family Room

20 Expert Tips to Makeover Your Family Room

I don’t know about you, but we spend so much time in our family room with our friends and family. Most of day-to-day activities center around this room. Recently, we did some moving around of furniture and I love how much it has opened up the room. Most of my family and friends are used to me moving things around on a regular basis. I believe it’s important that you give your family room a makeover from time to time. From colors to lighting and plants, here are some tips for giving your home a bit of TLC, whatever your budget.

20 Expert Tips to Makeover Your Family Room

Here’s some advice found online from industry experts, for giving your family room a makeover!

Makeover Your Family Room

  1. Add plants – Do you have a lonely corner in your family room? Add a bit of color and life into your living room by adding a plant to your living room. Choose a plant that is suitable for your room, depending on how much light your room gets.
  2. Buy some candles – Candles are perfect for little light during the evening when you want to cozy up on the sofa. Don’t forget to ensure they are all out before you go to bed, though.
  3. Apply a bit of contrast – You can add contrast to your room by adding soft furnishings or by creating a feature wall. Contrast doesn’t always have to be color either. Why not try adding contrast by mixing eras. Vintage pieces of furniture can give a great twist to a modern home.
  4. Create a piece of art – Art can add personality to your family room. But it can also be expensive. Why not create your masterpiece? Use fabrics, wallpapers, and antique frames to create your piece of art to decorate your walls.
  5. Mix up your light bulbs – Lighting is incredibly important in any room to set the mood. However, we often forget that light bulbs can be a great way to inject a bit of fun. Edison bulbs are growing increasingly popular in modern industrial theme homes.
  6. Try adding scents – Decorating isn’t always enough. Adding scents to your room can impact your mood and experience. Buy some candles or incense. You can choose scents depending on the time of year. Try orange and glove at Christmas, or fresh cotton in spring. I, also, love adding decorative essential oil diffusers.
  7. Give rooms seasonality – No, I don’t mean Christmas decorations. During the winter, add some throws and cozy furnishings. You can add seasonality using colors and textures. During the summer, remove dark colors from your room and add light and airy fabrics. Consider different colors and textures that reflect the season.
  8. Add luxury with a throw – Pull the blankets out of the cupboard and have them on display in a blanket bin. Try draping throws over a sofa or an armchair. You can cozy up with your partner in the evening, and they look great when you aren’t being used. Throws and blankets are also an easy way to add knit textures to your home.
  9. Liven up dull spots – Lights, plants, and ornaments are a great way to liven up boring areas in your family room. It’s also an excellent way to draw the eye and even to cover up ugly radiators and plugs.
  10. Play with color – Play with color doesn’t mean you have to get the paint brush out. Why not try choosing different colored cushions, blankets, and candles. This is a quick way to add personality without the commitment. You can trial different color and see what works for you best.

    Tips to Makeover Your Family Room

  11. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors – Add mirrors to your room to bounce light. Mirrors will make your room feel spacious and airy. It’s a great way to allow more natural light into your room. Experiment with different theme types and colors to add some personality.
  12. Change knobs and pulls – Got an old piece of furniture you want to change? Buying some new cupboard handles are the quickest way to transform a piece of furniture. It’s also a mess-free way for those not looking to do any big DIY projects.
  13. Get some inspiration – Pin, pin, and pin some more. You can never have too much inspiration. Make a board dedicated just to your living room. Find examples and theme that you like. This visual aid will help a you choose colors and products to decorate your room. Don’t forget to use Instagram to get some real-life examples, too.
  14. Buy some flowers – Fresh flowers are better options – they smell gorgeous and add a bit of life to your living room. The great thing about buying fresh flowers is that you can change them regularly. Not to mention, it’s a great excuse to splash out on some new vases.
  15. Rotate accessories – You don’t always have to spend money to change the mood of your room. Changing the location of your accessories is a quick way to mix up the vibe of your room. Perhaps move some furnishing from the bedroom or the guest bedroom.
  16. Get a new fireplace – A fireplace can be a focal point for your family room. There are so many options. From gel fires to gas and electric stoves. If you’ve already got a stove, then consider adding a fan to circulate the heat. Read more about the best heat powered wood stove fan online.
  17. Embrace Textures – Textures can give any room depth. Rooms with the same texture can look flat. From satin to fur and wood, there are so many different types to choose from. Consider texture then choosing rugs, curtains, and even sofas.
  18. DIY up cycling furniture – There are lots of tutorials online for upcycling furniture at home. Try using chalk paint on old pieces of furniture; it doesn’t require any prep. It is a quick way to transform a cabinet, a side table or even a storage chest.
  19. Change your curtains – Curtains are one of the things in our family room that can make the room look outdated. Update your curtains now and then. Perhaps invest in an Venetian or roller blind if you want to add an airy feel to your room.
  20. Feature wall – Painting one wall is an excellent way to add a bit of color. If you don’t want to add color or dark color to your room, try a warm shade of white for a slight contrast. If you want to add something a bit different, try a wall decal.

What’s your tips for giving your family room a makeover?